Service worker communication

与 Service Worker 通讯

Importing ServiceWorkerModule into your AppModule doesn't just register the service worker, it also provides a few services you can use to interact with the service worker and control the caching of your app.

ServiceWorkerModule 导入到你的 AppModule 中不仅会注册 Service Worker,还会提供一些服务,让你能和 Service Worker 通讯,并控制你的应用缓存。



A basic understanding of the following:


SwUpdate service

SwUpdate 服务

The SwUpdate service gives you access to events that indicate when the service worker has discovered an available update for your app or when it has activated such an update—meaning it is now serving content from that update to your app.

SwUpdate 服务让你能访问一些事件,这些事件会指出 Service Worker 何时发现了可用的更新或者一个更新何时可以被激活 —— 这意味着它现在可以通过更新后的版本提供服务了。

The SwUpdate service supports four separate operations:

SwUpdate 服务支持四个独立的操作:

  • Getting notified of available updates. These are new versions of the app to be loaded if the page is refreshed.


  • Getting notified of update activation. This is when the service worker starts serving a new version of the app immediately.

    获取更新被激活的通知。这时候 Service Worker 就可以立即使用这些新版本提供服务了。

  • Asking the service worker to check the server for new updates.

    要求 Service Worker 向服务器查询是否有新版本。

  • Asking the service worker to activate the latest version of the app for the current tab.

    要求 Service Worker 为当前页面激活该应用的最新版本。

Available and activated updates


The two update events, available and activated, are Observable properties of SwUpdate:

这两个更新事件 availableactivated,都是 SwUpdateObservable 属性:

@Injectable() export class LogUpdateService { constructor(updates: SwUpdate) { updates.available.subscribe(event => { console.log('current version is', event.current); console.log('available version is', event.available); }); updates.activated.subscribe(event => { console.log('old version was', event.previous); console.log('new version is', event.current); }); } }

You can use these events to notify the user of a pending update or to refresh their pages when the code they are running is out of date.


Checking for updates


It's possible to ask the service worker to check if any updates have been deployed to the server. You might choose to do this if you have a site that changes frequently or want updates to happen on a schedule.

可以要求 Service Worker 检查是否有任何更新已经发布到了服务器上。如果你的站点更新非常频繁,或者希望它按照计划进行定时更新,你就可以用它来实现。

Do this with the checkForUpdate() method:

通过调用 checkForUpdate() 方法来实现:

import { interval } from 'rxjs'; @Injectable() export class CheckForUpdateService { constructor(updates: SwUpdate) { interval(6 * 60 * 60).subscribe(() => updates.checkForUpdate()); } }

This method returns a Promise which indicates that the update check has completed successfully, though it does not indicate whether an update was discovered as a result of the check. Even if one is found, the service worker must still successfully download the changed files, which can fail. If successful, the available event will indicate availability of a new version of the app.

该方法返回一个用来表示检查更新已经成功完成的 Promise,不过它不会指出是否确实发现了一个更新。 即使找到了一个,Service Worker 还必须成功下载更新过的文件,而这可能会失败。如果成功了,就会通过一个 available 事件来表明当前应用有一个可用的新版本。

Forcing update activation


If the current tab needs to be updated to the latest app version immediately, it can ask to do so with the activateUpdate() method:

如果当前页需要立即更新到最新的应用版本,可以通过 activateUpdate() 方法来要求立即这么做:

@Injectable() export class PromptUpdateService { constructor(updates: SwUpdate) { updates.available.subscribe(event => { if (promptUser(event)) { updates.activateUpdate().then(() => document.location.reload()); } }); } }

Doing this could break lazy-loading into currently running apps, especially if the lazy-loaded chunks use filenames with hashes, which change every version.


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